The Diary Of John Sing

Cactus Was a Bad Idea

Yellow Jackalope!

Finds some paint while tripping and begins smearing this paint on the side of the semi-truck with his hands to tell his story, it appears to others as multi colored cave paintings

The first image is of a large blue splotch with a orange man in the running position between a brown line and a white cresent.

The second is of a hoard of green skulls, it also appears as though somebody tried to write a word down but the letters are backwords and some are upside down.

This continues with various pictures of an orange man with other strange sybols. There’s also one image of a blue clown, with a very large bust.

Finally on the back doors of the truck there’s what appears to be a human shape stamped onto the metal. It looks as though somebody covered the front of their body in paint and slammed it into the truck.

Cid wakes up behind a boulder. “ugh… Were am I?” He looks about his surroundings, and notices he’s about 300 feet from camp. “Oh yeah… How am I going to get this paint off me without any body noticing I was tripping that hard?” He reaches up to rub his head but feels something fleshy. “Oh shit not again!” He grabs this fleshy object and examines it further. It’s the corpse of a skinned Yorki were the ribcage was on his head like a crown. “Please don’t have a collar, please don’t have a collar, Fuck! It has a collar…” Checks the tags. “Fifi? Who the hell name their dog Fifi? I don’t even feel guilty anymore.”


LOL WTF? is this when your guy was tripping on catus juice or something? +5 exp

Cactus Was a Bad Idea

Yeah I thought it would be fun to do an adventure log when he was tripping haha.

Cactus Was a Bad Idea
HurstGM Krog_The_Mighty

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