The Diary Of John Sing

I'm not cut out for this

I am not cut out for being an adventurist. I should have never left Sky Harbor and just stayed here living my life until I died. But no, I had to go and join the guys who saved me. At first I thought I owed them, but then I found out they are just crazy. Somehow they know this infected called Crystal and are friends with her. Well, they were friends until they tried to kill her, but she got away and will most likely come back to kill everyone who attacked her. Which includes me. Yay.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, we crashed the blimp loaned to us by Allison. But we only crashed it because we were blackmailed by this Russian mob member. And he only blackmailed us because we accidentally started the United Pirate Alliance whose plans were to come and take over Sky Harbor. New Tortuga was set up in San Antonio because of it’s transmitter frequency that would keep people away or kill them if they stayed too long. We managed to turn it off and find some John Sing iPad, but that was only the start of the problems. We helped the pirates set up New Tortuga. Granted, we didn’t know at the time they were going to try and take over Sky Harbor.

So anyway, we crashed Allison’s blimp in the process of sneaking into New Tortuga to cripple the transmitter frequency and we did it very successfully, no injuries. But once we got it out and delivered it to the Russian mob guy, we all agreed we had to pay Allison back by getting her a new blimp. Days later we were repairing a blimp when Xavier and I went into a restaurant to search for food. A glowing light lured us further in and even though I warned him multiple times, Xavier went in anyways. Three zombies jumped on him and started attacking and biting him, but because I couldn’t pull the trigger he died. He managed to club one in the head and then one latched onto his crotch. Against better judgement, he put his sawed off shotgun to the crotch latcher’s head and pulled the trigger. The head instantly melted, but the slugs then proceeded to remove his leg at the knee cap. By the time I finally pulled the trigger and killed the final zombie, he was bleeding to death.

I’ll never forget his final words:
X: “…is my junk still there?”
C: “I’m not looking at your junk man.”
X: “Just let me know real quick, is it still there?”
C: “Yes, it is.”
X: “I always knew you were gay.”

He died a man, but I cannot forgive myself for letting him die. What put the final nail in the cross was that after all our work fixing the blimp to return to Allison, we found her crucified in her backyard. I am not cut out for this line of work and would much rather have a nice and easy job working as a mechanic. Unfortunately; because I helped try to kill Crystal, I fear I may not live for much longer.


50 points for looking at a dying mans junk -45 points for looking at a dying mans junk

I'm not cut out for this
HurstGM Kaliss

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