The Diary Of John Sing

John Sing Log #2

If you found this then your smart or at least persistant. Orions belt huh. Plus the writing the address on the underside of the desk. I was particularly proud of that one. Anyway so f you did find this then you also found the supplies I left. Antibiotics are worth more than thier weight in gold. Use them wisely. I should warn you about a new zombie variant in the area. Its another ambush preditor. Ill warn you these fucking things are designed from the ground up to eat maim and destroy humans. All of the vairiants and even the stupid ones are designed to kill humans.

These new ones are like the crawlers. Cunning or sly who stalk and ambush humans when we are at a most vunerable. They typically attack from above or in small groups. They have a neutotoxin that can be used as an anistetic, but you have to kill some of them to get it. Frankly a hammer is easier to find and recover from. I have included a full dossie about them here.

The vial in here is one part of ten that could be used for great evil or cure this infection once and for all. I have a cure for most of the zombie strains, but it must be administered by injection and is a two part injection requireing some medical skill to use. Plus you have to inject it. Im not injecting every crawler, needler, and walker. Fuck that. The vial I have created is one of ten that when assembeled has the protien protean sequence that can allow for the cure to be spread via an air born virus. Problem is the cure and the virus can both be sent this way. Worse the new zombie virus could be changed enough for the new zombies to attack the only zombies creating a new kind of biological warfare and making things a million times worse.

Anyway im trying to find a group of people that have the fortitude and the morals to do what needs to be done. Anyway I left 3 diffrent sets of the vials though out the world. If needed you can track them down if you find someone or a group of someones with the needed resources and correct attitude. If you release the cure belive me I will not be upset.

(Ok here is where the clue would be, but fuck it you guys already got it figured out so go to chaco canyon at 36° 2’10.43"N 107°57’28.55"W. Look at sunup or sundown it will lead you to the next cache.)


HurstGM HurstGM

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