The Diary Of John Sing

March 31, 2011

This things on? I’m startin’ to get feverish, don’t know If I have long. If you boys are hearin’ this I’m dead, if not, then ignore this part. You boys done good, we saved those kids and got those folks a generator so’s they can live like people. augh, cough, hack, hack ohhhh that hurts. Think I sprung a rib. Guy said I’m done fer, gonna get all clawey and bitey like them Zeds. Made a trade with a bag-man, said he was on the side of angels… hah, caugh hack shit. Said this blue shit will fix me up, well we’ll see g-man. Gonna give the Doc the biotics and let her tie me down, she gets real jumpy. Good doc for a Vet tho. If I wake up we’re gonna go find this John Sing and end this shit, one way or another.


good log +5

March 31, 2011
HurstGM Doc_Savage

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