The Diary Of John Sing

New Roman Times

Here at the new roman times we pride ourselves on having the pulse of the empire.

Of course the games are the front page news.
Once again the lucid demon has bested the gladiators of Lanistia Del Maste. This time in a five to one match up. More and more the people are calling for the mosters head and are chanting for Jacob Cross to take the field and give justice to those valiant warriors that have fallen to it. The next games are promising to be the most exciting and the best seats are being sold out now. It is a 12 hours event comemorating Ceasars anaversary of the taking of the dam that provides the entier empire power.

It is going to be an entire day of water based games. The arena floor will be flooded about twenty feet deep and so the gladiators will be almost close enough to touch. On them will be a verity of platforms for the gladiators to fight and die on. Plus ships have been constructed and there will be two teams. One to protect the flagship of Cesar the others pirates and to be sure they fight hard for the ship they were promised freedom if they take the ship. It will be a fight to the death with 30 gladiators against 90 pirates.

And in the primus Five lucid infected will be facing off against Jacob Cross and his hand picked combat team. They have been training sense the last games and Ceasar has already announced that this will be another fight to the death. The fight will take place with the dam overflow open creating vortexes of death on platforms that move as the fight. The combatants will have to fight not only one another, but also the movement of the platforms and if they fall in certian death is likely to follow.

In local news the film caste is raging about the new x box 360’s, Playstation 3’s, Wii’s, and viedo games have appeared. In addition new flat screen TV’s and other high end electronics are surfacing as well. These are prices well within the range of the average citizen. The caste is offering a reward for information leading to the information about the supply chian. Cesar had no comment on the event saying the market will right itself if there is an imballace. However he did admit that getting these items to the people was important to morale.

In other news Seantor Gorgia Funtnari, the leader in microchip technology, has announced the opening of a new cinima multi plex and the first of a new line in refurbished digital projectors. Plus he has announced that his caste will be releasing a series of laptop and desk top computers out ot the public once the military order has been filled. He also hinted at both an admittedly crude intranet and possible x box live service to soon be available.

(Your characters have spent the last 3 months healing mostly Add 90 hp to your characters, but brady and doc both have a permanate -5% serinity due to the loss of 2 comrades in the same event. Your roles have been mostly been moved to a more administrative role. Your deal with Brady the NPC has gone well, provied you have paid him well, and now you have 3 teams doing most of the grunt work outside the empire and you are doing the short runs. Your senator has become stupidly rich over the last 3 months and has been true to every one of his words. He says that you are almost there to purchase the citizenship your looking for and figures he will offer you a better deal. Instead of the money he offers you OWERSHIP of the movie theater franchise. he will of couse give over the money if thats what you wish but the ownership of the franchise will give more profit and is a more long term solution.

The senator says that he has one more big job for you and then your citzenship and place among the Equites is all but assured. In fact he is very excited as a meeting has been arranged with your group and Cesar himself. The next mission comes from the top directly. New characters are slaves purchased by the senator on the down low and the released into the custody of the party. the other members that caught up are given the same traders papers so they can join the others.)


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