The Diary Of John Sing

News Report

(These are the collection of news and rumors that are assembled from the travelers on the roads.)

Almost all major cites have been obliterated.
Zombies roam the lands closest to the major cities but there are some HUGE roaming packs. These packs number literally in the millions and it is unknown why they travel or show they are following. Anyplace they have come to has be virtually wiped out.

There are several special infected with more kinds being discovered all the time. It has been confirmed that many of the special infected ARE NOT DEAD. Many of them are immune to pain but they are technically alive.

There are confirmed reports of the president and most of the American government being turned or destroyed by the infection. Reports from the east coast and DC say that the capitol was one of the ground zero events. There have been at least 14 ground zero events based on data recovered from the CDC.

At least 9 different major cultures and communities are beginning to show around the Continental US. Ham radio and other communications traffic is beginning to be heard around the country. So far there are at least three claiming to be the rightful government of the USA. None of them have the resources to exert more than limited local control. There are limited but unconfirmed reports from other countries. Right now the only two countries currently rumored to be operating are japan and great Britain Some how those two places had limited exposure or they dealt with it in a severe way.

There are also the insane rumors. Rumors of flying alien ships in south Texas. That the Roman empire is marching across the Arizona Desert. That there are survivors on man made floating islands in the gulf of Mexico and Atlantic ocean. That a great wall has cut off Florida from the rest of the country. Large areas of the northern states are uninhabited or have been abandoned. That survivors in New York have closed off the bottom floors of buildings and are now living in the skyscrapers connected by sky ways The Navajo have come back and are living in the desert once again.

The limits of human ingenuity and will to survive are near limitless and around the US more and more people find ways to survive.


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