The Diary Of John Sing

The Tale of John Sing

(This is the tale of John Sing as told to you by Chief Falling Star)

I was a younger man then. We walked along the rim of the great platue where the ancient chocoan ruins sat. There you will find buildings done in thier ancient pueblo stlye. He seemd to fall silent at the site looking on almost sad for a time he remembered but was long forgotten. He told me things about the chocoans that I never knew. That they were a society of traders and diplomats. That thier desert outposts were places of learning and trade. It was the anicient stock market for the entire southwest. In thier cites you could find just about anything for the right price. In many respects it was alot like America.

He asked to be alone and walked about for a while looking at the drawings and carvings in the walls. Things that have endured for hundreds of years. We sat by the fire at night John musing about if our drawings and carvings of our disposable civilization would last hundreds of years for future generations to discover things about us from our bones. That night we sat by the fire watching it dance. I remeber him placing a log on the fire and the spirits calling to me.

A great Eagle landed behind John and spread its wings wide calling to me. She warned me of a great imballance in the world and that a reconing was coming. If I was to save the Navajo from this I would have to have great courge to listen to the impossible and have the will to fight it. It was the eagle that warned me of the dead rising. Of the threat caused by the unholy hearts and corruption of the science of man. How the Bad Medicne would gain human form and the people would become possesed by dark spirits. It was She that warned me to harken back to the old ways and to return to the place of my ancestors ancestors. Finally she told me that the way we would survive was the ride the wind. Where others are bound to the ground and suffer under the yoke of gasoline and fuel the Navajo would fly thought the desert on the back of the winds themselves.

The great Eagle left behind two feathers. I knew one was for me to remind me of what i have heard and seen. The other I gave to John to protect him from the evil spirts that would be coming for him. I told that man that there was evil coming for him. His only reply was “I know.” I asked him to tell me more but he refused saying it was better if i did not know in order to protect me. I asked if he beilved in the great spirtis and the circle of life. I was suprised when he said that what he beilived in did not matter that if i belived in the message that I just recived.

I sat stunned. There he was a white man with great evil behind him asking me about the message that I thought only I could hear. I told him that i did belive. He said i should listen to the warning and that do exactly what I was told. That I should take the mantel of command and protect my people. That evil was coming and there was nothing anyone could do about that. He encouraged me to find as meny that would follow me and make and keep them strong. Last he offered me a drink from his canteen. Im not sure what was in it but i woke up hours later just before the sun rise alone.

Never saw John Sing again, but I did get a message from him though his friend or someone who said he was his friend named Jacob Cross. He came with the other Eagle feather I gave to John Sing. Jacob told me John would be sending more suppiles and other gear that might help including a communications system. That John was trying to get the groups together he knew might be able to help rebuild the world. Jacob left for the same spot in Chaco canyon and return admittedly slightly wounded. After that Jacob headed south intending to vist Rosovelt Dam and the surivior colony there.

(The players rest for 2 days then get a report that Daniel was spotted on the mesa and has been captured by the colony of screamers. The group must decide if they want to try and save him.)


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