The Diary Of John Sing

What do we do now

You have lost you leader, Rawles, Jane Westley, you civil engineer Jones, and you mob gunman Harry McDowell. Not to mention your ride and ALL of your gear. So long Pork Chop Express. Now you have been dropped off in Sky Harbor a scociety of nearly pure economic motovation. You have whatever weapons you have on you. (so a few swords and knives) plus your half naked armor and a couple of shields. The Captain will let you keep the jumpsuits, but aside from that your dropped off at the airport bazzar with nothing else.

Now you have to find jobs. The doctor finds a job working in a clinic, but its a free clinic so he does not get paid that much. If you would like to get jobs your skills matter most. White collar skills are the most valuable. if you dont have any white collar skills you can work as a day laborer at the docks. Security jobs, jobs on airships, and the more lucrative positions are so hard to get you will not be able to get them right now.

For the next three months you will be healing/working and trying to rebuild your lives. Over the next three months you will have to buy medical supplies for your drivers injuries, food water and a small rented house where all 6 of you live. depending on your jobs will depend on how much cash you make. So what jobs are you guys doing? What white collar skills are you trying to use?


HurstGM HurstGM

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