Casar Quintias


Casar Quintias
Int 10 Per 5 Srt 5 Endurance 7 Chr 10 Ag 4 Will 10
Hp: 190
Perk: Orator

Captivate 125%
Enthrall 125%
Public Speaking 125%
Fast Talking 125%
Strategy 100%
Tatics 75%
Long Arms 75%
Small Arms 100%
Sword 125%
Negoitations 100%
Active listining 100%
Body Language 75%
Detect Lies 75%
Brain Washing 100%
Intelligence Anlysis 65%
Palming 50%
Flurry two 0%
Flurry three -40%
Shooting From the hip 0%
Fast draw 0%


An evil monster of a man with in intellect of a cult leader and the charisma to match. He once lead a group of suriviors away from hordes of zombies and managed to hole up in a tiny town. Through force of personallity and cunning he arranged the most powerful into the top tier of scociety. Once they were set and in power he systematically arranged the rest of the players and created a caste system supported by a powerful military and the illusion of democratic elections. Problem is he knows how to work the crowd and right now it is working.

He had plans for almost every contengancy. Zombie attacks to being over thrown. He enjoys ancient roman society and modeled his civilzation around it because he knew he could end up as cesar. Once in place he has no problem doing what needs to be done to retain power. Murder, mayhem, tourture whatever he needs to do. He mantins power by having the masses belive that they can be raised from one strata to another. Poof often offered with cerimoines of people becoming better than they were before.

He has access to anything and everything the empire has to offer and lives in a near unbeliveable decadance. However he is smart enough to be seen often enough doing even simple chores alonge side the common people to maintain his connection.

Casar Quintias

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