Chief Falling Star


Chief Falling Star
Int 7 Per 12 Srt 5 Endurance 7 Chr 10 Ag 4 Will 10
Hp: 190

Captivate 125%
Public Speaking 125%
Strategy 100%
Tatics 75%
Long Arms 75%
Archery 80%
Sword 125%
Negoitations 100%
Active listining 100%
Body Language 75%
Detect Lies 75%
Shooting From the hip 0%
Fast draw 0%


The wise and nomadic chief of the Navajo that predicted the date this was going to happen. He was able to get enough of his people to beilve him and they traveled into the desert to avoid the zombies. He is smart charasmatic and totally dedicated to the cause of protecting his people. While he realizes he must raid others in order to keep the the tribe alive he has left orders to make sure they are never left to die or without the means to survive.

To this end he has certain trading agreements with some of the other groups of people in the area and often sends those that are raided to them. In fact if one of those communites needs help with bandits or a more sever peoblem they will seek him out for help. Its a strange symbiotic relationship that both groups need to survive.

Chief Falling Star

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