Cody Wind

A mechanic with an unknown past.

Player Name Brady Attributes Value Bonus\Penalty
Character Name Cody Wind Intelligence 14 +25
Level 5 Perception 4 -2
Experience Level 186 Willpower 7 +7
Max Load 70 lbs. Charisma 4 -2
Reflex 50 Strength 5 0
Serenity 100% Endurance 3 -3
Hit Points 117 Agility 10 +15

Perk Effect
Smart Ass +3 Intelligence
Advantages Effect
Smarty Pants +1 Intelligence
Dodge ball Fanatic +1 Agility
Fit +25 health
Disadvantages Effect
Amnesia Cannot remember past, GM makes it for you
Flashbacks After failed serenity save, vs will not to have a flashback

Weapons Damage Range Payload Ammunition Skill Special
.308 bolt action rifle 60 2000 5 105

General Skill Package Governing Attribute Skill %
Literacy (native) Intelligence 75
Basic Math Intelligence 75
History Intelligence 50
Computer Operation Intelligence 55
Pilot Automobile Agility 40
Typing Agility 40
Algebra Intelligence 60
Geometry Intelligence 60
Trigonometry Intelligence 73
Computer Programming Intelligence 50
Tier 1 Skills Governing Attributes Skill % +15 Primary
Basic Mechanics Intelligence 105
General Contracting Intelligence 115
Automotive Mechanics Intelligence 105
Combat Engineering Intelligence 105
Long Arms Intelligence 105
Tier 2 Skills Governing Attributes Skill % +10 Secondary
Communications Repair Intelligence 63
Firearms Intelligence 100
Tactics Intelligence 100
Armorer Intelligence 100
Cryptography Intelligence 73
Tier 3 Skills Governing Skill Skill % +5 Tertiary
Stealth Agility 55
First Aid Perception 68
Diagnosis Perception 68
Basic Electronics Intelligence 63
Communications Operations Perception 68
Misc. Effect
Sports (Chess) +1 Intelligence

What he has remember so far..

“You’re inside some kind of dingy warehouse. Insides there are rows and rows of people each tied to some kind of table with heavy chains. They shouted and screamed. Some out of fear others hate. Medical instruemnts bloody and unsanitary were laying on bedsides or on trays. The sounds and smells are of a human butchershop. Bodies now still or almost moving lay flayed open and blood poured out of the wounds. The last thing you see is a medical chart being picked up before you regain your faculties.”

Cody Wind

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