Int 5 Per 3 (7 on hearing) Srt 10 Endurance 10 Chr 1 Ag 10 Will 30
Hp 250 Perk: Enhanced Hearing +4 per on sound
Immune to pain
Hand to Hand 70% P:15 K:20 G:15 Claws 40 cutting
Stealth 80%
Camoflauge 75%
Climb 80%
Melee Weapons 50%
Chance of infection: Bite 30% Claws 30%


These monsters are evil and devious bastards. These are ambush predators who like to stalk and terrify their prey. They will set up choke points and have even been known to use females as bait. They often work in mated pairs a man and woman. They can crawl into places normal people could not get into and worse they can climb on clings and drop down on their prey. If you manage to kill one of them you had better kill the other. They are known to hunt down the murder of their mate and will stop at nothing to find and kill those responsible They will use weapons out of desperation but generally do nothing but grab whatever might be the closest They mainly use their claws and their teeth and those are even more dangerous.


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