Crystal Rivers


Lucid Infected
Int 7 Per 5 (9 on hearing) Srt 10 Endurance 10 Chr 1 Ag 7 Will 30
Hp 400 Perk: Enhanced Hearing +4 per on sound
Tough son of a bitch
Immune to pain
Hand to Hand 70% P:15 K:20 G:15
Melee weapons thrown 75%
Melee Weapons 75%
Long Arms 75%
Small Arms 75%
Stealth 75%
May have just about any other skills may have learned in life.
Will use just about any weapon. From guns to melee weapons.
Chance of infection: Bite 30%


This female lucid zombie could almost pass for human. (save a strange odor and some unhealed wounds.) She is utterly ruthless in her persuit of John Sing. She will stop at nothing if cornered, but she prefers to work in the shadows pulling the strings. She usually likes to convert young women to use as spies and assasians, but will convert en mass if needed. It is currently unkown how many zombies she controls or what her objectives are. Aside from the fact she wants John Sing for some reason.

Crystal Rivers

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