Deep One


Deep One
Int 5 Per 3 (7 on hearing) Srt 10 Endurance 10 Chr 1 Ag 10 Will 30
Hp 250 Perk: Enhanced Hearing +4 per on sound
Immune to pain
Hand to Hand 70% P:15 K:20 G:15
Stealth 80%
Camoflauge 75%
Climb 80%
Blades 70%
Long Arms 50%
Small Arms 75%
Chance of infection: Bite 30%

M9 9mm
Mp-5 Submaching Gun
Surviors Blade
Slime attack: Skill 100% range 40’
Makes things too slippery to hold onto. -6 STR check to hold onto something -50% all skill checks -6 ag to all agility checks.


This zombie is an adaptation of water born humans. It does not need to breathe, immune to pain, and can swim literally for hours. It feeds on the fat of human beings the fatter the better. Unlike most other zombie preditors it only eats when hungry. It also knows the value of both stealth and team work. They work together in pairs mostly, buit sometimes small groups luring one or two away from a crowd and killing them before consuming the fat in thier bodies. They also eat the brains specifically and have been known to store food.

Worse yet that the monster uses weapons including kinves swords and guns. They seem to know the value of these things and often collect them from the dead. As a defensive mechanism they can vomit large ammounts of slime that coat things like oiled snot. This makes it impossible to chase them effectivly. It also makes someone hard to hold onto. They use this mostly to get away from defense forces. Last they can and do talk. At least enough to lure people away or to them.

Deep One

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