Gladiator Commodus


Navajo Radier
Int 5 Per 5 Will 8 Chr 1 Str 15 End 10 Agi 10
Hp: 350

Hand to Hand Maritial Arts 150
Blades Sword 120
Blades Knife 100
Shield 120
Whip 60
Polearm 50
First Aid 75
Sports Gladiatior Training
Sports Running
Sports Weight Lifting
Technique Disarm Sword 50
Technique Flurry Two 70
Technique Flurry Three 50
Technique Two hand fighting 50

Standard Equipment
Modern Gladius
Modern Pugio
Gladiator Shield


Arguable one of the most dangerous men in the entire empire. He was caputured near the begning of the empire and was a UFC fighter before hand. He raged savage against his captors for a month and then was ordered to death ad gladium. He defeated six gladiators single handedly and then sold to another ludis. Some how his master tamed the beast and he is unleashed on the arena. He is accredited with over 50 wins and only three ties. He has lead men in combat including a still talked about win in one of the first naval actions ever witnessed. He personally leapt onto the enemy ship and slew 12 other gladiators set the ship on fire and rammed it into another enemy ship. He is the most sought after galdiator in the empire.

Gladiator Commodus

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