Harry McDowell

Mafia Enforcer


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Harry McDowell stands at 6 foot and weights around 230 and most of that is muscle.

I was always big for my age, and I used that to my advantage. Because of my size while in school I pushed the kids around to get what I wanted, they did my class work, payed for my meals, and did just about anything I wanted them to. That didn’t change once I graduated from high school, I guess you could say I had a gang but really they were just more kids I pushed around to do stuff for me, I took what I wanted when I wanted it didn’t matter who it belonged to. After I tired of the so called gang I went on my own at first I robbed stores after they closed I attempted lock picking but after realized my fingers were not nimble enough I just smashed in the window. I continued this for years, taking cars and such as I went along.

On the day that would change the rest of my life I saw the car, it was a beautiful 2003 Dodge Viper GTS. I walked up to the car taking in the beauty of it and I notice still in the ignition the keys, (you know that voice in your head that says “a car this nice with the keys in it still means no one would be stupid enough to steal it”) well I didn’t care, I opened the door turned the key and drove off in my new car.

After taking a very long joy ride in my new car I went back to my place to relax at home. After about five hours at my place my front door gets kicked down and four guys only slightly smaller then me come storming into my place, I was expecting company so safe to say I got caught off guard. The four of them were able to over power me and tie me down into my chair. Once this is done a new guy slowly walks through my busted door, (it turns out that voice I ignored was right I had stolen the dodge viper of Mickey “The Boss” Costelle of the Italian Mafia) told me how stupid I was for stealing his car and ordered his men to rough me up. After a number of hours of Mickey “The Boss” Costelle (during the hours of being roughed up I over heard his name)told his boys to stop because he realized something special about me he tested his theory and once finding out it true gave me a choice to either die right now or become an enforcer for his mafia. (Safe to say that I took the job)

I spent years with them learning the skills of the trade, working my way up to being Mickey’s number one enforcer. I was sent out to retrieve payment from one of our many clients when the first wave of zombies appeared. I was forced to take shelter with this surviving camp, as I work to earn my keep with them I’m daily checking the radio frequency to find out if my boss as survived or not and where to find him if he has.

Harry McDowell

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