Hattori Hanzō

A Japanese golf instructor.

Player Name Brady Attributes Value Bonus\Penalty
Character Name Hattori Hanzō Intelligence 5 0
Level 3 Perception 9 +13
Experience Level 55 Willpower 3 -5
Max Load 90 lbs. Charisma 2 -7
Reflex 60 Strength 10 +15
Serenity 85% Endurance 9 +13
Hit Points 308 Agility 10 +15

Perk Effect
Tough Son of a Bitch +100 hit points
Advantages Effect
Too many Video Games +10% Reflex
Catfall Always land on feet
Photographic Memory Perfect Sight Recall

Weapons Damage Range Payload Ammunition Skill Special
Golf Club 40 1 80
Machete 50 1 80
Compound Bow 30 80 1 Arrows 80 1 turn to reload

General Skill Package Governing Attribute Skill %
Literacy (native) Intelligence 50
Basic Math Intelligence 50
History Intelligence 30
Computer Operation Intelligence 30
Pilot Automobile Agility 45
Typing Agility 40
Algebra Intelligence 25
Geometry Intelligence 25
Swimming Agility 75
First Aid Intelligence 45
Tier 1 Skills Governing Attributes Skill % +15 Primary
Acrobatics Agility 65
Blunt Weapons Strength 80
Hand to Hand Kendo Agility 80
Climbing Agility 65
Free Running Agility 65
Tier 2 Skills Governing Attributes Skill % +10 Secondary
Blade Weapons Agility 80
Stealth Agility 60
Archery Agility 80
Language (English) Intelligence 35
Techniques Governing Skill Skill %
Dual Wield Blades 20
Dual Wield Blunt 20
Misc. Effect
Sports (Golf) +1 Agility
Sports (Go) +1 Intelligence

Hattori has only had a job as a golf instructor because his parents were wealthy enough that he could go his whole life without working and be fine. Due to money never being a problem, he became and avid sport fanatic. He learned Kendo, archery, golf, Go, climbing, free running, acrobatics and swimming from the best the money could buy. Hattori really excelled at golf and so for the fun of it he became a golf instructor. He decided to go on vacation and tour some of America’s golf courses. Then the zombie outbreak started. Stuck in a foreign country and not able to speak English, Hattori’s adventure begins.

Hattori Hanzō

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