Lucid Infected


Lucid Infected
Int 7 Per 5 (9 on hearing) Srt 10 Endurance 10 Chr 1 Ag 7 Will 30
Hp 400 Perk: Enhanced Hearing +4 per on sound
Tough son of a bitch
Immune to pain
Hand to Hand 70% P:15 K:20 G:15
Melee weapons thrown 75%
Melee Weapons 75%
Long Arms 75%
Small Arms 75%
Stealth 75%
May have just about any other skills may have learned in life.
Will use just about any weapon. From guns to melee weapons.
Chance of infection: Bite 30%


These zombies are the most dangerous. They are mostly immune to the debilitating effects of the zombie virus having none of the negative effects aside from the hunger for human flesh. They are cunning retaining all of their original thought and ability to speak and come up with theory. They have the same skills and other abilities to use weapons and have the enhanced strength endurance and willpower of the zombies. They are unacceptable to the human emotions able to be thrown into rages or frustration. However they also can be cunning and patent. Worse is like humans they tend to be social creatures and as more and more of the congregate they begin to use the other types of zombies as pets or guards.

There was a wise man that once said, “There is nothing worse than a reasonable tyrant.”

Lucid Infected

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