Matthew Lance



Matthew had it harder then most before the zombies outbreak during school anyways. When it came to school Matthew had to learn tricks to pass because he could not read, no matter how much they tried to teach he could not read. In his spare time once he was old enough he spent all the time could driving, getting as good as he could, he enjoyed it and it did not require to read to drive.

After graduating and over time he slowly added more and more different types of vehicles he could drive. Ranging from cars to 18-wheelers to tanks to helicopters, boats and planes. Since he had a knack for driving he made money as a driving, whether it was legal or not, it didn’t matter much to him as long as he could drive.

After the zombies outbreak happened he went from settlement to settlement helping as a driver or with the other skills he had, because of the zombie outbreak he learned how to use long and small arms pretty well.

Matthew Lance

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