Navajo Raider


Navajo Radier
Int 5 Per 5 Will 5 Chr 5 Str 7 End 8 Agi 7
Hp: 150

Desert Survival 75%
Forced March 60%
Camoflauge 75%
Long Arms 75%
Small Arms 75%
Archery 75%
Knife 75%

Standard Equipment
Sawed Off
Remington 700
44 Magnum


The survivors of the New Mexico Navajo tribes became a xenophobic anti everyone else group of people. The survive with a mix of modern and ancient weapons and training and by moving constantly. They roam the land avoiding zombies and people alike. If left alone they tend to be mostly self suffecent. However if found in thier lands or in times of hardship they will expand out and raid others. Navajo raiders are known though out the region to assault white and other settlers if they enter the wrong territory. Only those who are friends of the Navajo or traders are allowed into thier territoy. Worse case senerio they take food, water, weapons, ammuntion, and fuel. However they will not take so much as to leave someone left for dead in the middle of the desert.

They raid using light and fast vehicles like jeeps and atvs, but are more likely to use the wind powered Sand Racer. These vehicles are one man operations but they are quiet fast and in the dark almost impossible to find and track. In the new mexican desert there are warnings all around about the deadly Navajo and thier borders. Approach with extreame caution if you have no other option.

Navajo Raider

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