Needler Zombie


Int 5 Per 3 (7 on hearing) Srt 10 Endurance 10 Chr 1 Ag 10 Will 30
Hp 200 Perk: Enhanced Hearing +4 per on sound
Immune to pain
Hand to Hand 70% P:15 K:20 G:15
Stealth 80%
Camoflauge 75%
Climb 80%
Melee weapons thrown 100% Burst 75%
Needles Damage 10 per needle (all save vs pain +5 while infected with drugs)
Posion -1 save vs endurance per dose
Failed save = -25% all skills and attribue saves per failed roll
4 failed rolls= coma
4 failed rolls in coma = death
Roll once every 10 minutes until in coma
Roll once every hour while in coma
Chance of infection: Bite 30% needles 10%


This zombie is another ambush predator that unlike the others causes almost no pain. Unless they start eating you before their drugs take effect then I’m sure that’s crazy painful. They usually attack from above and specialize in stalking their prey. They have been reported to hunt in solitary numbers and in packs of upwards of 10. It is unknown right now when and why they cluster. However they are cunning and use tactics to isolate the weak and the sick. Unlike the other zombies they are not interested in the flesh or gore. They only thing they eat is the bones, marrow, and brains of their prey. They fire bone shard coated in a potent toxin that works like an anesthetic. First the site goes numb then as the toxin works though the body it can cause the person to go into a coma and even die. Its not uncommon for these monsters to shoot someone and let them get away only to fall down later and be eaten.

The bone shards that they fire are typically fired from the throat and usually three at a time. It is unknown if they can fire these continuously or if they have a certain amount before they run out. The range on them is some where in the 200’ area and the poison has a cumulative effect. Harvesting the bone shards as use of a topical or injected anesthetic has proven to be stupid. Not only is it hard to do medically without specialized tools and training, but you have to kill one or more of these bastards to do it.

Bone needles

Needler Zombie

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