Rawles, Jane Westley

Veteran, Survivalist, Paranoiac


My name is Jane, Jane Westley Rawles, but you can call me Boss. Killin’s easy, its living that’s hard, especially when you’ve seen as much shit as I have. What happens when you loose your faith; your faith in your cause, faith in your comrades, faith in yourself. You get a cranky, broken down old man that’s what. But the only thing you can assume about a broken down old man is that he’s a survivor. I’ve been tellin’ folks about the shadow government for years, tellin’ ’em about illegal bio-experiments and mind control and what-not… told ya so.

Now I got me some fine boys, they take a lot of looking after, I’ve got me my Pork-Chop Express, and I’ve got Betsy and Minerva and Vera, and ammo, let’s go save an ungrateful world, again.

Rawles, Jane Westley

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