Roman Bio Warrior


Int 5 Per 5 Will 5 Chr 5 Str 7 End 8 Agi 7
Hp: 150
All are Fearless

Soldier 75%
Demolitions 75%
Tracking 40%
Forced Entry 60%
Fortifications 60%
Forced March 60%
Camoflauge 75%
Long Arms 75%
Small Arms 75%
Sword 75%
Blunt 75%

Standard Equipment
M9 9mm
Modern Gladius

Body Armor
Mark II Anti Zombie Armor
Ballistic 10 Ablative 20 Cutting 100
Weight wearing 20lbs carrying 80lbs


It’s not required to be nuts to be a bio warrior but it helps. These warriors wade into the thick of zombie infestations to set charges, blow up bridges, and hold the lines for other to get away or in positions. These fearness nut jobs are the final line of defence. When they are called in 50% casualties is considered a good day. Ceasar decreed anyone who makes it ten years active duty in the Bio Warrior Corps will be raised to the Principales class and given an estate, slaves, and a cushy govermentment jobs with no real responsibilites.

They consider themsevles to be an elite tougher unit and look down thier noses at other units as being wimps and pussies. Many consider them to be over sexed, over amped, overpaid apes. To which and officer in the Bio Corps replied, “Hey we are NOT overpaid.” Many inside the corps consider themselves to be the equivilant of the US Marine Corps of old. They are the finatical highly skilled warriors ready to be unleashed on the enemies of the empire.

Thier motto:
Ego in vobis quod timebatis

Roman Bio Warrior

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