Roman Pretorian


Roman Pretorian
Int 5 Per 5 Will 5 Chr 5 Str 7 End 8 Agi 7
Hp: 150

Soldier 75%
Forced March 60%
Camoflauge 75%
Long Arms 75%
Small Arms 75%
Sword 75%
Blunt 75%

Standard Equipment
M9 9mm
Modern Gladius

Body Armor
Mark I Anti Zombie Armor
Ballistic 10 Ablative 20 Cutting 80
Weight wearing 20lbs carrying 80lbs


Roman pretorians are the law enforcement and military arm of the New Roman Empire. They are part of the Equite Caste and have generally high standings. All Pretorians are consider to be Non Coms but can be raised officer and to the ruling class. Pretoians are known by thier armor and have the right to arrest nad detain common citizens. While pretorians are not allowed to arrest the Patricans alone they often support officers if one needs to be arrested.

All Pretorians have a side arm and required to carry it at all times. They are also issued a machette and an rifle along with anti zombie armor. This armor is made from leather and chain mail and includes a face mask to prevent the gore from the infected getting on them. All of them are required to attend an 18 week training course and then roate out among the outer units defending the civilan population. They also escort the other trading partners and carvans to other locations to trade for fuel, ammunition and parts. Thier main exports are slave labor, finished goods like clothing, shoes, armor, and other equipment.

These men and women are dedicated to being the saviors of the empire and are unafraid to kill in order to do it. Due to sever punishements for cowardice and desertion most are willing to fight to the death. Not to mention they are treated well, fed, and have instant status. Many Pretorians join the military from lower ranks to gain status and possibly become members of the elite caste.

Thier Motto
Nam gloria Romae

Roman Pretorian

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