Roman Scout Deserto


Roman Scout Deserto
Int 5 Per 5 Will 5 Chr 5 Str 7 End 8 Agi 7
Hp: 150

Soldier 75%
Forced March 60%
Wilderness Survival 50%
Camoflauge 75%
Stealth 75%
Tracking 75%
Trap Construction 75%
Forward Observer 75%
Sniper 75%
Spotter 75%
Breath Control 75%
Long Arms 105%
Small Arms 75%
Sword 75%
Blunt 75%

Standard Equipment
Intervention Scilenced
Mp-5 Submaching Gun Scilenced
M-37 Havoc Sidearm Scilenced
Modern Gladius

Body Armor
Mark III Anti Zombie Armor Guilie variant
Ballistic 10 Ablative 20 Cutting 80
Weight wearing 20lbs carrying 80lbs


These are the long range scouts and hunters of the Roman empire. They are the tatical snipers as well. The worse part of them is they tend to be the most fantical as they are rewarded with every clean kill done in the name of Cesar. If you are marked as an escaped slave the best you can possibly get is to shot in the head. Worse you can get is to be placed in the arena for exicution at gladium. They will hunt torment trap and do anything thyey can to obliterate you and are rewarded with luxuries, money, and of course sex.

Thier Motto
Potes currere sed tu iustus mortuus fessis

Roman Scout Deserto

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