Ryan Redfield

People person for hire


Ryan grew up like everyone else did in this world he went to school, graduated from high school, conned people out of money, just an everyday person.

Ryan always had a knack for being able to talk people into doing stuff for him, now he didn’t use fear or intimidation Ryan was just always good at convincing them to do it with words. In school Ryan took the theater class now some people wondered why if he wanted to do plays and such, Ryan had a different idea, he used the time there to learn how to act, mimic voices, and disguise himself, for the purpose of conning people out of money once he graduated.

In the beginning once he graduated has he was still learning how much information and how detailed it should be as he conned people. He didn’t turn as much profit in the beginning but slowing he got to point where his apartment and bills and his luxuries were all payed for from his scams.

He was enjoying his life and the benefits of his craft. Then the zombies came.

He ended up with a few scams he stuck with:

Father Austin McGrey – Catholic church preacher, armed with his bible, scams people for church renovations, purgatory passes, and penance.

Paul Wilson – old street begging man

Steven Harris – snake oil vendor, sold it as a beauty enhancer and illness aliment

Jason Hill – used to find information, sometimes sell information, and another snake oil vendor

Ryan Redfield

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