Senator Jan Legoins


Senator Jan Legoins
Int 8 Per 10 Will 10 Chr 7 Str 6 End 8 Agi 10
Hp: 150

Soldier 75%
Forced March 60%
Camoflauge 75%
Long Arms 100%
Small Arms 75%
Sword 75%
Blunt 75%
Tatics 100%
Stratgey 100%
Head Shots Pistol 25%
Headshots Rifle 15%

Standard Equipment
M-1911 A1
Modern Gladius

Body Armor
Custom Anti Zombie Armor
Ballistic 50 Ablative 0 Cutting 100
Weight wearing 20lbs carrying 80bs


A senator in the Roman court she wields a great deal of power and influence. Once a slave then freed after she saved a Legatus from certain death singlehandedly. She entered service with the Pretorian gaurd and severed with destincition including routing an entire horde allowing time for her Pertorian brothers to get into position. She made a succesful run for the Senate after one of the military senators died under less then clear circomstances.

While there are rumors that she wants more power, including the rank of Ceasar, her actions say she is a loyal subject of Rome. She had one of her own slaves crucified for even mentioning something like that out of hand. Even now she occasionally likes to lead from the front going on raids to find slaves or other items of value. Aside from Ceasar himself she is one of the best tacticans in the empire.

Senator Jan Legoins

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