Senator Vesenia Hatilia


Senator Vesenia Hatilia
Int 8 Per 10 Will 10 Chr 10 Str 4 End 3 Agi 5
Hp: 100
Small Arms 55%
Captivate 75%
Enthrall 75%
Public Speaking 75%
Fast Talking 125%
Negoitations 100%
Active listining 100%
Body Language 75%
Detect Lies 75%
Brain Washing 100%
Intelligence Anlysis 65%
Finance 100%
Market anlysis 100%

Standard Equipment
9mm Handgun

Body Armor:


Not a warrior but a shrude negoiator and trader. This man wields massive power as he is the economic leader of the empire. He sets the prices and the trade values of everything and is often the voice of the empire in other towns and villages if the empire is there to do legit business. They have other people if then intend to invade. He often plays down his importance, but he knows the power he wields. Right now he lives a life of debochery and luxury and sees no reason to oppose or usurp Ceasar. While this might change later it is unlikey. Now he does have limited training with weapons as all prinicpales do, but he prefers to fight with words or better yet let others do the fighting.

Senator Vesenia Hatilia

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