Tiny Ones


These are fucked up little monsters for the most part. They are a small child like looking zombie so far all reports that they are all little girls around 8 or 9. They tend not to consort with other zombies and are more mysterious that the others in general. They seem to have a slightly other worldly presence with minds far more advanced than a 8 or 9 year old with a maturity that seems to vary.

Some of the rumors about them include that they don’t like the other lucid infected and are the strongest of the zombie variants. Capable of tossing a man clear across the room with one arm. It is also rumored that they can control 250,000 thousand of the non special infected at a time placing their powers over the others well above the other lucid infected. Stories exist of them helping the helpless and of eating babies in front of parents to make them cry. The only thing for sure about them is how dangerous they really are.


Tiny Ones

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