The Pork Chop Express


Update on condition. SPLODED

The 18 wheeler Pork Chop express is an extended cab modified 18 wheeler. It has a 300 gallon gas tank with an average fuel effecency of 5.5 mpg. This gives it a total average range of 1650 miles give or take. The crew of the Pork Chop also tend to carry about a 50 gallon reserve in the cab. The tralier has a been modifed to be a sleeping and traveling quarters and a mobile workshop.

There is a rudmentary workbench with a small 1000w generator. A set of upright tall lockers and an electric golf cart. The crew sleep in hammocks hung in the back and in the cabs sleeping quarters. The cab has been renforced with steel and removable panels and has plexiglass inserts to prevent the infected from getting inside. (Trouble is sometimes the driver of the truck forgets this and discharges his shotgun into the panels. Granted it is hillarious.) It was also outfitted with an ram prow to shove zombies out of the way.

People are beinging to talk about the insanity that seems to follow the Pork Chop Express. Right now they are headed across the country. What for no one really knows, but where ever they go danger and excitment are sure to follow. Of course so will zombies.


The Pork Chop Express

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