The Diary Of John Sing

I'm not cut out for this

I am not cut out for being an adventurist. I should have never left Sky Harbor and just stayed here living my life until I died. But no, I had to go and join the guys who saved me. At first I thought I owed them, but then I found out they are just crazy. Somehow they know this infected called Crystal and are friends with her. Well, they were friends until they tried to kill her, but she got away and will most likely come back to kill everyone who attacked her. Which includes me. Yay.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, we crashed the blimp loaned to us by Allison. But we only crashed it because we were blackmailed by this Russian mob member. And he only blackmailed us because we accidentally started the United Pirate Alliance whose plans were to come and take over Sky Harbor. New Tortuga was set up in San Antonio because of it’s transmitter frequency that would keep people away or kill them if they stayed too long. We managed to turn it off and find some John Sing iPad, but that was only the start of the problems. We helped the pirates set up New Tortuga. Granted, we didn’t know at the time they were going to try and take over Sky Harbor.

So anyway, we crashed Allison’s blimp in the process of sneaking into New Tortuga to cripple the transmitter frequency and we did it very successfully, no injuries. But once we got it out and delivered it to the Russian mob guy, we all agreed we had to pay Allison back by getting her a new blimp. Days later we were repairing a blimp when Xavier and I went into a restaurant to search for food. A glowing light lured us further in and even though I warned him multiple times, Xavier went in anyways. Three zombies jumped on him and started attacking and biting him, but because I couldn’t pull the trigger he died. He managed to club one in the head and then one latched onto his crotch. Against better judgement, he put his sawed off shotgun to the crotch latcher’s head and pulled the trigger. The head instantly melted, but the slugs then proceeded to remove his leg at the knee cap. By the time I finally pulled the trigger and killed the final zombie, he was bleeding to death.

I’ll never forget his final words:
X: “…is my junk still there?”
C: “I’m not looking at your junk man.”
X: “Just let me know real quick, is it still there?”
C: “Yes, it is.”
X: “I always knew you were gay.”

He died a man, but I cannot forgive myself for letting him die. What put the final nail in the cross was that after all our work fixing the blimp to return to Allison, we found her crucified in her backyard. I am not cut out for this line of work and would much rather have a nice and easy job working as a mechanic. Unfortunately; because I helped try to kill Crystal, I fear I may not live for much longer.

What do we do now

You have lost you leader, Rawles, Jane Westley, you civil engineer Jones, and you mob gunman Harry McDowell. Not to mention your ride and ALL of your gear. So long Pork Chop Express. Now you have been dropped off in Sky Harbor a scociety of nearly pure economic motovation. You have whatever weapons you have on you. (so a few swords and knives) plus your half naked armor and a couple of shields. The Captain will let you keep the jumpsuits, but aside from that your dropped off at the airport bazzar with nothing else.

Now you have to find jobs. The doctor finds a job working in a clinic, but its a free clinic so he does not get paid that much. If you would like to get jobs your skills matter most. White collar skills are the most valuable. if you dont have any white collar skills you can work as a day laborer at the docks. Security jobs, jobs on airships, and the more lucrative positions are so hard to get you will not be able to get them right now.

For the next three months you will be healing/working and trying to rebuild your lives. Over the next three months you will have to buy medical supplies for your drivers injuries, food water and a small rented house where all 6 of you live. depending on your jobs will depend on how much cash you make. So what jobs are you guys doing? What white collar skills are you trying to use?

Transmission picked up by the Pork Chop Express

- … / … - … / – …. .. … / .. … / .- . / . ..- – —- - . – . .. / -.. .. … – .. . … … / .. .- .-.. .-.. / ..-. .-. - - / – …. . / … . .. .-. . .. / - .- .-. . .-.-.- / .. ..-. / .- - ..- / .. .- . / …. . . .-. / – …. .. … / .—. .-.. . .- … / .-. . . . -.. . .. / .- … … .. … – .- . -.. . .-.-.- / .. .- .-.. .-.. / … .. -. -. / ...-. .- – .-.. .- . – .. … ...-. / .. - ..- . – . .. … .. -. -. / ...-. … – .- .-. – .-. . . / … ..- .. . … .-..-.

New Roman Times

Here at the new roman times we pride ourselves on having the pulse of the empire.

Of course the games are the front page news.
Once again the lucid demon has bested the gladiators of Lanistia Del Maste. This time in a five to one match up. More and more the people are calling for the mosters head and are chanting for Jacob Cross to take the field and give justice to those valiant warriors that have fallen to it. The next games are promising to be the most exciting and the best seats are being sold out now. It is a 12 hours event comemorating Ceasars anaversary of the taking of the dam that provides the entier empire power.

It is going to be an entire day of water based games. The arena floor will be flooded about twenty feet deep and so the gladiators will be almost close enough to touch. On them will be a verity of platforms for the gladiators to fight and die on. Plus ships have been constructed and there will be two teams. One to protect the flagship of Cesar the others pirates and to be sure they fight hard for the ship they were promised freedom if they take the ship. It will be a fight to the death with 30 gladiators against 90 pirates.

And in the primus Five lucid infected will be facing off against Jacob Cross and his hand picked combat team. They have been training sense the last games and Ceasar has already announced that this will be another fight to the death. The fight will take place with the dam overflow open creating vortexes of death on platforms that move as the fight. The combatants will have to fight not only one another, but also the movement of the platforms and if they fall in certian death is likely to follow.

In local news the film caste is raging about the new x box 360’s, Playstation 3’s, Wii’s, and viedo games have appeared. In addition new flat screen TV’s and other high end electronics are surfacing as well. These are prices well within the range of the average citizen. The caste is offering a reward for information leading to the information about the supply chian. Cesar had no comment on the event saying the market will right itself if there is an imballace. However he did admit that getting these items to the people was important to morale.

In other news Seantor Gorgia Funtnari, the leader in microchip technology, has announced the opening of a new cinima multi plex and the first of a new line in refurbished digital projectors. Plus he has announced that his caste will be releasing a series of laptop and desk top computers out ot the public once the military order has been filled. He also hinted at both an admittedly crude intranet and possible x box live service to soon be available.

(Your characters have spent the last 3 months healing mostly Add 90 hp to your characters, but brady and doc both have a permanate -5% serinity due to the loss of 2 comrades in the same event. Your roles have been mostly been moved to a more administrative role. Your deal with Brady the NPC has gone well, provied you have paid him well, and now you have 3 teams doing most of the grunt work outside the empire and you are doing the short runs. Your senator has become stupidly rich over the last 3 months and has been true to every one of his words. He says that you are almost there to purchase the citizenship your looking for and figures he will offer you a better deal. Instead of the money he offers you OWERSHIP of the movie theater franchise. he will of couse give over the money if thats what you wish but the ownership of the franchise will give more profit and is a more long term solution.

The senator says that he has one more big job for you and then your citzenship and place among the Equites is all but assured. In fact he is very excited as a meeting has been arranged with your group and Cesar himself. The next mission comes from the top directly. New characters are slaves purchased by the senator on the down low and the released into the custody of the party. the other members that caught up are given the same traders papers so they can join the others.)

ジャーナルエントリー 1

アメリカに来ることは恐ろしい考えでした! あなたミヤモトが私をこれに説き伏せたことをのろってください! 私はあなたがこれらの godzillas によって食べられたことを希望します! 運良くけれども私は剣を見いだしました、そしてそれは私を非常に幸せにしました。 私は近距離での戦いがひどい考えであることが分からないことを希望します、しかしこれまでのところそれはうまくいきました。 私の体中いたる所に私の胸と傷跡の穴を無視してください。 おじいさんが私を救うのを手伝いました、そして私は彼を救いました、グループの残りがまだ私を混乱させます。

私は同じく english を学んでいます、しかしまだ大変上手に書くことができません。 知っています: cheeseburger!, trouble!, grandfather!, (接) godzilla!

我々は最近若干のアメリカ先住民に会いました。 私は(彼・それ)らがまだ存在すると信じることができません! それは古い西洋の映画のようです、と私は(彼・それ)らが女性たちを盗んで、そしてレイプするかもしれないように感じます! しかしながら;(彼・それ)らは友好的です! 誰が考えたでしょうか。 それらの映画はそれほど卑劣であるために(彼・それ)らを作りました。 私は何が話をされたか知りません、しかしシャツを着ていない男は毒殺されるように思われました。 非常に多くの絵を描きました、一(人・つ)も意味をなしませんでした。 おじいさんがたくさんの話をしました、私は彼の後に従います。 彼は頭が良くて、そして勇敢ですか。.. 時々。

Cactus Was a Bad Idea
Yellow Jackalope!

Finds some paint while tripping and begins smearing this paint on the side of the semi-truck with his hands to tell his story, it appears to others as multi colored cave paintings

The first image is of a large blue splotch with a orange man in the running position between a brown line and a white cresent.

The second is of a hoard of green skulls, it also appears as though somebody tried to write a word down but the letters are backwords and some are upside down.

This continues with various pictures of an orange man with other strange sybols. There’s also one image of a blue clown, with a very large bust.

Finally on the back doors of the truck there’s what appears to be a human shape stamped onto the metal. It looks as though somebody covered the front of their body in paint and slammed it into the truck.

Cid wakes up behind a boulder. “ugh… Were am I?” He looks about his surroundings, and notices he’s about 300 feet from camp. “Oh yeah… How am I going to get this paint off me without any body noticing I was tripping that hard?” He reaches up to rub his head but feels something fleshy. “Oh shit not again!” He grabs this fleshy object and examines it further. It’s the corpse of a skinned Yorki were the ribcage was on his head like a crown. “Please don’t have a collar, please don’t have a collar, Fuck! It has a collar…” Checks the tags. “Fifi? Who the hell name their dog Fifi? I don’t even feel guilty anymore.”

News Report

(These are the collection of news and rumors that are assembled from the travelers on the roads.)

Almost all major cites have been obliterated.
Zombies roam the lands closest to the major cities but there are some HUGE roaming packs. These packs number literally in the millions and it is unknown why they travel or show they are following. Anyplace they have come to has be virtually wiped out.

There are several special infected with more kinds being discovered all the time. It has been confirmed that many of the special infected ARE NOT DEAD. Many of them are immune to pain but they are technically alive.

There are confirmed reports of the president and most of the American government being turned or destroyed by the infection. Reports from the east coast and DC say that the capitol was one of the ground zero events. There have been at least 14 ground zero events based on data recovered from the CDC.

At least 9 different major cultures and communities are beginning to show around the Continental US. Ham radio and other communications traffic is beginning to be heard around the country. So far there are at least three claiming to be the rightful government of the USA. None of them have the resources to exert more than limited local control. There are limited but unconfirmed reports from other countries. Right now the only two countries currently rumored to be operating are japan and great Britain Some how those two places had limited exposure or they dealt with it in a severe way.

There are also the insane rumors. Rumors of flying alien ships in south Texas. That the Roman empire is marching across the Arizona Desert. That there are survivors on man made floating islands in the gulf of Mexico and Atlantic ocean. That a great wall has cut off Florida from the rest of the country. Large areas of the northern states are uninhabited or have been abandoned. That survivors in New York have closed off the bottom floors of buildings and are now living in the skyscrapers connected by sky ways The Navajo have come back and are living in the desert once again.

The limits of human ingenuity and will to survive are near limitless and around the US more and more people find ways to survive.

The Tale of John Sing

(This is the tale of John Sing as told to you by Chief Falling Star)

I was a younger man then. We walked along the rim of the great platue where the ancient chocoan ruins sat. There you will find buildings done in thier ancient pueblo stlye. He seemd to fall silent at the site looking on almost sad for a time he remembered but was long forgotten. He told me things about the chocoans that I never knew. That they were a society of traders and diplomats. That thier desert outposts were places of learning and trade. It was the anicient stock market for the entire southwest. In thier cites you could find just about anything for the right price. In many respects it was alot like America.

He asked to be alone and walked about for a while looking at the drawings and carvings in the walls. Things that have endured for hundreds of years. We sat by the fire at night John musing about if our drawings and carvings of our disposable civilization would last hundreds of years for future generations to discover things about us from our bones. That night we sat by the fire watching it dance. I remeber him placing a log on the fire and the spirits calling to me.

A great Eagle landed behind John and spread its wings wide calling to me. She warned me of a great imballance in the world and that a reconing was coming. If I was to save the Navajo from this I would have to have great courge to listen to the impossible and have the will to fight it. It was the eagle that warned me of the dead rising. Of the threat caused by the unholy hearts and corruption of the science of man. How the Bad Medicne would gain human form and the people would become possesed by dark spirits. It was She that warned me to harken back to the old ways and to return to the place of my ancestors ancestors. Finally she told me that the way we would survive was the ride the wind. Where others are bound to the ground and suffer under the yoke of gasoline and fuel the Navajo would fly thought the desert on the back of the winds themselves.

The great Eagle left behind two feathers. I knew one was for me to remind me of what i have heard and seen. The other I gave to John to protect him from the evil spirts that would be coming for him. I told that man that there was evil coming for him. His only reply was “I know.” I asked him to tell me more but he refused saying it was better if i did not know in order to protect me. I asked if he beilved in the great spirtis and the circle of life. I was suprised when he said that what he beilived in did not matter that if i belived in the message that I just recived.

I sat stunned. There he was a white man with great evil behind him asking me about the message that I thought only I could hear. I told him that i did belive. He said i should listen to the warning and that do exactly what I was told. That I should take the mantel of command and protect my people. That evil was coming and there was nothing anyone could do about that. He encouraged me to find as meny that would follow me and make and keep them strong. Last he offered me a drink from his canteen. Im not sure what was in it but i woke up hours later just before the sun rise alone.

Never saw John Sing again, but I did get a message from him though his friend or someone who said he was his friend named Jacob Cross. He came with the other Eagle feather I gave to John Sing. Jacob told me John would be sending more suppiles and other gear that might help including a communications system. That John was trying to get the groups together he knew might be able to help rebuild the world. Jacob left for the same spot in Chaco canyon and return admittedly slightly wounded. After that Jacob headed south intending to vist Rosovelt Dam and the surivior colony there.

(The players rest for 2 days then get a report that Daniel was spotted on the mesa and has been captured by the colony of screamers. The group must decide if they want to try and save him.)

March 31, 2011

This things on? I’m startin’ to get feverish, don’t know If I have long. If you boys are hearin’ this I’m dead, if not, then ignore this part. You boys done good, we saved those kids and got those folks a generator so’s they can live like people. augh, cough, hack, hack ohhhh that hurts. Think I sprung a rib. Guy said I’m done fer, gonna get all clawey and bitey like them Zeds. Made a trade with a bag-man, said he was on the side of angels… hah, caugh hack shit. Said this blue shit will fix me up, well we’ll see g-man. Gonna give the Doc the biotics and let her tie me down, she gets real jumpy. Good doc for a Vet tho. If I wake up we’re gonna go find this John Sing and end this shit, one way or another.

John Sing Log #2

If you found this then your smart or at least persistant. Orions belt huh. Plus the writing the address on the underside of the desk. I was particularly proud of that one. Anyway so f you did find this then you also found the supplies I left. Antibiotics are worth more than thier weight in gold. Use them wisely. I should warn you about a new zombie variant in the area. Its another ambush preditor. Ill warn you these fucking things are designed from the ground up to eat maim and destroy humans. All of the vairiants and even the stupid ones are designed to kill humans.

These new ones are like the crawlers. Cunning or sly who stalk and ambush humans when we are at a most vunerable. They typically attack from above or in small groups. They have a neutotoxin that can be used as an anistetic, but you have to kill some of them to get it. Frankly a hammer is easier to find and recover from. I have included a full dossie about them here.

The vial in here is one part of ten that could be used for great evil or cure this infection once and for all. I have a cure for most of the zombie strains, but it must be administered by injection and is a two part injection requireing some medical skill to use. Plus you have to inject it. Im not injecting every crawler, needler, and walker. Fuck that. The vial I have created is one of ten that when assembeled has the protien protean sequence that can allow for the cure to be spread via an air born virus. Problem is the cure and the virus can both be sent this way. Worse the new zombie virus could be changed enough for the new zombies to attack the only zombies creating a new kind of biological warfare and making things a million times worse.

Anyway im trying to find a group of people that have the fortitude and the morals to do what needs to be done. Anyway I left 3 diffrent sets of the vials though out the world. If needed you can track them down if you find someone or a group of someones with the needed resources and correct attitude. If you release the cure belive me I will not be upset.

(Ok here is where the clue would be, but fuck it you guys already got it figured out so go to chaco canyon at 36° 2’10.43"N 107°57’28.55"W. Look at sunup or sundown it will lead you to the next cache.)


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