Clothing-Load Bearing Gear

The clothes on your back may be the only thing you own. Plus they may be your only defence between the wind and rain and freezing cold. Given that if your alive then you must mostly be on the move you are more than likely wearing everything on your back. Being able to correctly carry everything you need is important as well.

First your clothing. I have 4 layers of clothing I carry and one heavy trench coat. I have 2 sets of cammo pants (one hunter print, the other military digital cammo pants), a pair of jeans, and a set of long johns. I also have a tee shirt, long sleave tee shirt, a long john shirt, and a military cammo blouse. I typically wear the military cammos on top as they have pockets every where. This allows me to carry things along my legs, shoulders, chest, and all the other regular pockets. In addition I carry a military H harness that I can hang my normal everyday use stuff from.

Jacob dresses simialry but he only has 2 sets of long johns and 2 sets of cammies. He prefers to wear just a sturdy leather belt with his most valuable or most used possessions on it. Admittedly he is more of a minamilist as he only carries a medium sized jansport backpack. I like to use a medium sized alice pack, but i tend to be the pack mule of the two of us.


Name Weight Degree Protection Name Weight Degree Protection
Long Johns top quarter lb 10 Coat Half lb 10
Long Johns bottom quarter lb 10 Heavy Coat 1 lb 15
Military Pants 1 lb 10 Trench Coat 1lb 10
Military Blouse 1 lb 10 Parka 2 lb 20
Sweats legs quarter lb 7 Gloves none -10 dexterity penalty
Sweats top quarter lb 7 Glove Inserts none -10 dexterity penalty
Tee Shirt none 3 MIlspec cold pants 1 lb 15
Long sleve shirt none 5 MILspec cold blouse 1 lb 15
Jeans half lb 5 MILspec parka 3 lb 30
Shorts none 2 Socks none 10

Weight Bearing Gear (note from the GM. Ok so there is a mechanic but i think its clunky so I generally ignore it and just use common sense.)
Each pack, pocket, harness, belt, or other carrying devices allows the player to pack more gear and carry more stuff, but this is tempered by wieght. Sure you can carry 100 bobble heads, but the weight will make you slow.

Large Object= 4 medium objects= 32 small objects= 256 tiny objects
Medium Object= 8 small objects= 64 tiny objects
Small Object= 8 tiny objects

This is the general breakdown.
Large object: Think longarm like shotgun or assault rifle. Or a camera, not a digital camera, more like a television camera. Usually these objects are carried outside thier packs on slings or other carrying devices.

Meduim Object: 50’ of rope, small tackle box, collapseable fishing rod, folding grapling hook, these are too big to fit in a pocket and so clunky you would want to place them in something to haul them around in.

Small Object: Pistols, assault rifle magazines, boxes of ammuntion, hatchets, combat knives, mess kits, and basic surival kits. This is the most common size of object.

Tiny Object: Tiny things like keys, pocket knives, led keychain flashlights, wallets, pistol magazines, anything you can generally fit into your pocket.

Pack Type
Large Alice 2 Large/3 Medium/4 Small
Medium Alice 1 Large/ 3 Medium
Small Alice 1 Large
Jansport Medium 1 Large/ 2 small
Jansport Small 1 Large
Duffle 3 Large
Pants Pocket 1 small
Pants cargo pocket 2 small
Blouse pockets 2 tiny
Military Pouches Medium 2 Medium
Military Pouches Small 4 Small (Ammo carriers)
Sachel Large 2 Medium
Sachel Medium 1 Medium
Sachel Small 2 Small

Belts can hold 4 pouches like military pouches/holsters/canteens
H harnesses can hold 8 pouches like military pouches/holsters/canteens

Clothing-Load Bearing Gear

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