Colonies and Culture

This is the place where I will place what i know about the local cultures in the area. Now some of this might be wrong based on cultural evolution or by other outside factors. After all I am not a cultural anthropologist.

The Colony- Based out of the state park near Denver colorado these surivors live in a socailist commune trying to get by day by day. Everyone has thier jobs and its expected they will get done. Right now they are almost fully self suffecent with farming and the making of bio desiel. They do not have any trade relations that I am aware of, but they are mostly friendly and willing to work things out with a local party. However be warned they will shoot and kill anyone exhibiting symptoms of zombie infection.

The New Navajo Nation- Desert Nomads that live off the land and to a particular code. Trust NO man aside from your Navajo brother. Typically very exnophobic but outsides can be given a chance to prove themseves and then allowed to travel thier lands, but never allowed to be armed. Once in thier lands the white man is a second class citizen or a fool and treated as one would a wayard child. It is expected for them to make noise, trouble, and insult so they are to be treated as children. However alos as children that cannot look after themselves they are to be protected while in Navajo lands UNLESS warned of a danger and they decide to go anyway. There is no way for a non Navajo to become a full fledged memeber. The best a white man can hope for is not to be killed outright or robbed.

New Rome
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Colonies and Culture

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