Combat everyone wants to know about combat. Ok so here is how it works.

1. Roll for initative. 1d10 vs agility. Lower the better. roll 2 Agility is 5 you got a -3. -3 is better than 0 or 3.
2.Declare actions. Each action is about one second. Attacker declares action defender declares action. Both roll at the same time. Determin Success. Only attacker is successful then its a hit. If only the defender is successful then its a miss. If both are successful then defender wins. Unless its a crital hit 01-02% on attack then it can only be blocked with a critical defence 01-02%. Attacks at the same time can happen if they have the same initative score.
3.Resolve damage. record damage and critical hits as needed.

Notes on combat: This should be fast. If the person does not know what they want to do when asked give them two or three seconds if they dont answer then they stall or hold action and move on. This is realistic as in combat you have split seconds to make a decision and you as a character have time while the others are going through combat to make up a plan.

Here are some examples:
First Hand to hand.
Second Melee weapons.
Third Ranged weapons.

Combat Modifiers
What to do When your shot, stabbed, burned, lasered, or sploded


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