The bread and butter of the game. At Level One you get 500 development points to spend on skills. These can be modified in number but advantages and disadvantages. You cannot put more than 35 points into any one skill at level one and no more than 10 points at any level after that. You can learn as many skills as you like. Some GM’s will require you to have a teacher some will allow you to teach yourself. Make up any skills you like or need. Pay attention if any skills require a prerequisite. As you level up your skills any skill over 100% (EG 101% and higher) cost 2 times the ammount of development points.

Every character gets 1 skill package. This can be dictated by your GM or if they allow it you can select you own. This skill package is free and represents your general education from the world around you. The skill levels in the general package do NOT take away from your development points and they can be raised just like any skill. So at level one you could put up tp 35 points into any skill in your skill package. Dont forget to add in your atribute or any advantage, perk bounus, or attribute or disadvantage penalty. In modern terms if you get algebra at 25% and you add 35% to it then your score is 60%. This is the kid that accually studied in school so he got better grades in high school.

Now there are 4 skill tiers and to explain these we are going to use the example of a medical doctor.

His Tier one or primary skills are the main focus of his education or training. In the doctor example his Medical Doctor skill is the main focus so he gets a 15% skill bounus from it being his Main focus.

Now as a secondary skill he took anatomy as it is one of his prerequisites to being a doctor, but because it is not the main focus of his education just something he needed it gets a +10% bonus.

He also took chemestry but it did not interst him or he just needed to get it out of the way so as a teritary skill it only gets a +5%. Sure he took it but its not something he focused on.

Last to relive stress he taught himself how to shoot. Sure he got some pointers from the old timer at the gun range but mostly he taught himself when he had time. This skill gets NO bonus.

Development points spent on a skill indicates how much time someone spent working on that skill. Dont forget these skills are modifed by attribute penalty or bonus, perks advantages and disadvantages.

Skill Categories:
Blue Collar
Covert Operations
Electronic Operation
Electronic Repair
Hand to Hand
Weapons Techniques
White Collar

General Skill Packages: These represent the characters starting skills and general education.
Medieval For those that are from non-technologically advanced planets
Aristocracy Same time period as midevil but the nobility
Modern For those whose current level of technology is on par with 2010
High Technology Spacefaring ship builders
Post Apocalypse Survivors of a once technologically advanced environment
Space Brat For those that live their entire life in space
Religious Acolyte Growing up in or around a monastery
Military Basic training for most military forces


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