Types if Armor

These are the diffrent types of armor protection.

Ablative- Takes the energy from a blunt strike or armor piercing round and explodes out removing the from the person and out anywhere else. this works by sections breaking off as the impact occurs. These armors are very heavy and expensive and require mantience. Most people dont use them as few people shoot high velocity weapons or use armor piercing ammo. there are those however that hit people with sledgehammers.

Ballistic- Used to stop bullets. Not terribly good at stopping other stuff, but good at bullets. Most frequently worn by soliders and police before the strikes. now can be found all over the place. Hard to come by as not too many can reporduce it. there are a few places that can make it provided they have the raw matierals.

Cutting- Used to stop knives, shrapnel, and other sharp things from getting to the gooy bits inside. The base form of this armor is chain mail, but as science and matierals improved more and better armor was created. Most of these armors are heavy but provide excelent protection from knives, arrows, and shrapnel.

Energy- Force fileds or matierals used to stop/redirect types of energy from killing the person wearing it. These matierals are not as useful against other types of damage, but if your getting shot by a laser rifle you will want it.

Radiation- Rads suits are used to protect you from your hair falling out, your nads shrinking, and extra arms bug eyes and other things from growing out of your torso. Sometimes protects a little from engery weapons. About as useful as tissue paper on other things.

Types if Armor

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