Types of Damage


Gore- Used to wound humans and animals in the most digusting ways possible. These weapons have barbed hooks, serrations, hollow points, ionizing, and other barbs and cracks to do the most damage to flesh. Chance of vitals damage is tripled and the damage is increased by 50% IF the weapon gets past armor.


Piercing or Ablative- Rounded or heavy shafts that are designed to bypass armor. These weapons directly penitrate hitting the soft squishy people behind it. Promblem it they tend to over penitrate and pass directly though and not get lodged in people. Not that it does not hurt but it does not inflict the extra damage that the gore type does.


Ballistic- This is a bullets base damage. They are small and can penitrate the human body with little effort and can be one shot killers at the smallest caliburs. Regular metal armor and chain mail is resistant but not by much. Only ballistic armors are truly useful in stopping this kind of damage.

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Energy- Lasers, plasma, and lighting are all energy weapons damage. They do EXTREAME ammounts, but do not cause the extra or continus damage that a Gore damage does. Special matierals or force fields are the only way to redirect or protect from such types of attacks.


Radiation- Simple as it sounds. Rads kill over time and are invisiable and painless unless in severe quantiies. Rad suits and Rad shields are the most common methods of protecting ones self from these hazards. Also no being there helps too.


Fire- Flames or thermal radiation. No additional bleed out effects as it cautrieze as it burns. Burns are at -30% to treat and take twice as long to heal. One point every 2 days. As it is considered an energy attack and can be blocked by shields.

Types of Damage

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