Humainity is full of violence form the dawn of time we have been trying to kill things or ourselves. As nessicity is the mother of invention we invented more and more ways to rip tear and slughter those that we considered threats or if they had things we wanted. Or in the case of nuts jobs just because we wanted to. Now humaninty is on the ropes and now our violent and insane nature may just be the one thing that saves us.

There are also weapons modifications that make the weapon more dangerous or increase thier effectivness.

Diffrent weapon types:

Melee Weapons Upclose and personal. These are the weapons you use when things get lose or if you needs to be quiet and you dont want something that goes bang. Of course with bashing things in the head with a baseball bat does however increase your risk of infection.

Ballistics Guns guns and more guns. There are more models than you can shake a stick at and each has a diffrent feel and effect on diffrent people. Main drawback is they go bang and loudly. This can attract unwated attention.


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