This is the Journal of John Sing

Life as we know it is over. Millions dead and dying at the hands of monsters of the flesh and of our own lack of humanity. If your reading this then you have found one of my many logs I have left behind. My name is John Sing and I know what happened. I found out how and why our civilization ended. I cant leave the information behind I have to keep it protected until I can find someone or someones that can use it. Perhaps even undo some of what has been done. The only thing I can do now is stay on the run keep moving trying to stay one step ahead of everyone and everything that might be out to get me.

If you have found this I can tell you a few things that might help you survive. One there are more than just the slow moving drooling morons out there. I will leave a list of what I have discovered and how you might live. If you are trying to follow me I will also leave clues as to my locations. Be sure to look for any symbols or other indicators I might leave behind. You might wonder why I leave such a trail of bread crumbs if someone is looking for me.

Fact is there is a good chance someone or something might be able to find and kill me. If this is the case I am hopeful that the right people will find what I have and continue my search for the right people. If there are some basics I might be able to impart on you now it would be this. Knowledge is power. Thinking your way though things even during s disaster is the best course of action. Last find someone to watch you back. My companion is Jacob and I would have been dead a hundred times over if it were not for him.

Last there is always hope. If you feel like the situation is hopeless let me provide you with something that might provide a ray of hope. There is a cure. I am living proof that you can be one of those things and come back. Stay sane, stay safe, and above all else stay alive.

The Diary Of John Sing

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