Assault Ship


Max Crew: 15
Range: 480 miles (depending on weather conditions)
Marine Capacity: 80
Cargo Capcity: enough for the crew for a week.
Speed: 20 Mph
Piloting Modifer: -10%
Medium Machine Gun two of them (fore and aft)
Crew Long and sidearms
Armor: Main Body HP 5000 Ballistic: 70 Ablative: 35 Cutting: 100
Interior Ballast HP 1000 Ballistic: 100 Ablative: 50 Cutting: 150
Standard Equpiment:
Radio, Navigation Equipment, Sleeping Quarters, Armory, Boarding Equipment


These ships are there to board other vessels and support ground assaults. The Sky Marines aboard these vessels are trained to board and take enemy ships. Mostly pirate vessels. They do also do extractions of civilans and other at risk people. They are not a numerous as the fast attack ships, but they are used on occasion as escort ships.

Assault Ship

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