Fast Attack Ship


Max Crew: 10
Range: 700 miles (depending on weather conditions)
Cargo Capcity: enough for the crew for a week.
Speed: 50 Mph
Piloting Modifer: +10%
Medium Machine Gun
Crew Long and sidearms
Armor: Main Body HP 5000 Ballistic: 70 Ablative: 35 Cutting: 100
Interior Ballast HP 1000 Ballistic: 100 Ablative: 50 Cutting: 150
Standard Equpiment:
Radio, Navigation Equipment, Sleeping Quarters


Life on this ship is exciting, but hard. These ships are used to deliver some messages fast and light, but for the most part are on escort and patrol duties. Sometimes they are sent out in force to mow down hordes of zombies in the fields. Often they will escort HIT’s (High Value Targets) while they are in convoy. They have twin ballast systems and more engines or more powerful ones that allow them to move faster. Problem with these ships is the small crew and the hard living conditions. No kitchens, few aminities, and shitty food makes this ship hard to be on for long periods of time.

Fast Attack Ship

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