Liquid Hauler/Fuel Tanker


Max Crew: 16
Range: 480 miles (depending on weather conditions with standard tank can tap reserve)
Cargo Capcity: 200 “gallons” of CNG or 100 “gallons” of other liquids
Speed: 20 Mph
Piloting Modifer: -20%
Weapons: Crew Long and sidearms
Armor: Main Body HP 5000 Ballistic: 70 Ablative: 35 Cutting: 100
Interior Ballast HP 1000 Ballistic: 100 Ablative: 50 Cutting: 150
Fuel Tank HP 3000 Ballistic: 200 Ablative: 75 Cutting: 200
Standard Equpiment:
Radio, Navigation Equipment, Sleeping Quarters, Kitchen, Pumping System


Used to transport water or other liquids over long distances. It has hardened in tanks that are virtually immune to bullets and bladed weapons. it can be tempermental to fly and very dangerous if it crashes. As an fuel or water tanker they can be considered HIT’s (High Value Targets). These ships are almost NEVER unescorted.

Liquid Hauler/Fuel Tanker

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