Passenger Liner


Max Crew: 30
Range: 480 miles (depending on weather conditions)
Passenger Capacity 100
Speed: 20 Mph
Piloting Modifer: -20%
Weapons: Crew Long and sidearms
Armor: Main Body HP 5000 Ballistic: 70 Ablative: 35 Cutting: 100
Interior Ballast HP 1000 Ballistic: 100 Ablative: 50 Cutting: 150
Standard Equpiment:
Radio, Navigation Equipment, Sleeping Quarters, Kitchen


These are the new jumbo jets and passneger trains of this world. People pay to move them selves or thier familes around. Most of these ships fly inside the borders of SkyHarbor. A few travel around to local communities bringing in low cost labor or people looking for jobs. These are the fewest of the utility ships as there is not as much call for them at the moment.

Passenger Liner

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