Roman Currency


These are the basic monitary coins of the roman empire. Only the offical New Roman Mint can make new coins if anyone is caught making fake coins is crucified publicly for days along with thier family. There are specific tests that can be done to prove the coin are fakes and the process for making them is very secret for that reason.

The there are several coins in the economic system.

Arus Double (Double Gold) Twice as thick and worth about 50 Us dollars.
Aurus (Gold Coins) they are worth about 25 US dollars.
Denarius (Silver Coins) They are worth about 10 US dollars.
Follis (Silvered Bronze Coins) They are worth about 5 US dollars.
Sestertius (Bronze Coins) They are worth about 1 US dollar.
As (Copper Coins) They are worth about a quarter.

There are also writs of gold. These are written forms with whatever denomination are on them. Typically used by busniesses for large purchases or by rich men between one another. Only banks can issue these notes.


Roman Currency

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