The Foul Lust


Max Crew: 15
Range: 500 miles (depending on weather conditions)
Marine Capacity: 40
Cargo Capcity: enough for the crew for a week.
Speed: 35 Mph
Piloting Modifer: 0%
Crew Long and sidearms
Armor: Main Body HP 4000 Ballistic: 70 Ablative: 35 Cutting: 100
Interior Ballast HP 1000 Ballistic: 100 Ablative: 50 Cutting: 150
Standard Equpiment:
Radio, Navigation Equipment, Sleeping Quarters, Armory, Boarding Equipment


This pirate ship is a well know “farmer” of cargo and the occasional fuel ship. There are a few captains that if cornered or boarded that will just let them take what they want as they will turn them loose with no other issues. They have even come to the rescue of the occasional stranded ship. Granted not without a price extracted of course, but most people would pay not to be eaten by zombies.

The Foul Lust

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